Helping you achieve balance and joy in your riding, using French classical training and hands on body work.

I help horse owners to increase performance and resolve resistances in their horses using gentle, hands on bodywork techniques and time tested classical French training to create happier, more comfortable horses who are strong, supple and enjoyable to ride.   The better balanced and in tune you are with your own body the more joyful riding will feel again.

I am so honoured to be one of three instructors worldwide to have achieved certification from the National School of Academic Equitation and have the chance to share my experience with you.

  • Is your horse stiff, one sided or resistant?
  • Goes better on one rein than the other?
  • Girthy, cold backed, or won’t stand still to tack up?
  • Suffering from a drop in performance and competition results?
  • Developing bad habits like bucking or napping?
  • Are you feeling less enthusiastic about riding?
  • Is your confidence holding you back from the activities you love?
  • Are you feeling a little daunted by schooling your horse?

The more carefully you listen to your horse the less often he will resort to shouting