Is your horse stiff, one sided or resistant?
Goes better on one rein than the other?
Girthy, cold backed, or won’t stand still to tack up?
Suffering from a drop in performance and competition results?
Developing bad habits like bucking or napping?

I help horse owners to increase performance and resolve resistances in their horses using gentle, hands on bodywork techniques to create happier, more comfortable horses who are more enjoyable to ride and consistently get better results.

Does your dog have a recurrent injury?
Suffer from stiffness or arthritis?
Has your dog become less keen to play or go for long walks?
A working or competing dog needing to be on top form?

I help dog owners by using profoundly gentle, hands on soft tissue and fascial release techniques to ease pain and stiffness in their dogs and restore their animal’s joy for life.

The more carefully you listen to your animal the less often he will resort to shouting