I combine profoundly gentle methods of body work, with old French classical training. I can help your horse when in pain and also teach in hand, longe and ridden work.

Becoming a bodyworker and Classical trainer has been a windy path, my passion for understanding and resolving performance limiting behaviours in horses all started with Ori…

My total darling of an Icelandic Horse was wonderful in all respects. He had a blond mane down to his elbows and a fuzzy butt like a peach, but he became a professional napper. I refused to believe his behaviour was malicious as it just wasn’t his nature. A few physio and vet visits later, along with my stubborn refusal to accept no for an answer, we found he had very deep muscular spasm all along his spine and being ridden was genuinely painful for him.

Horses never lie, they always do that which is easy or more comfortable. The key is to make that which you ask of them the most easy and comfortable option.

My experience with Ori led me to train in Equine Touch with the founders Jock and Ivana Ruddock in 2008.This enabled me to help him more regularly and then to also help other people’s horses too.

Equine Touch is a non-invasive, holistic body work which works with the horse rather than on it. Using hands on methods to release tension in the fascia throughout the whole body. Click here to find out more about fascia – it’s so pivotal to a healthy body that I’ve given it its own page.

The more bodywork I have done with people and horses, the more it has become apparent that I have “healing hands”. Coming originally from a scientific background, this has challenged my perception of the world.  However, I cannot deny the relief and results I have had in people, horses and dogs, so instead of questioning it I have focused on honing my skills and developing an approach that really does seem to help in the most amazing ways.

I am qualified in Equine Touch, Craniosacral therapy, Equine Myofascial release and Reiki, which means I can treat any kinds of condition, in the most powerful and holistic approaches, depending on what the client requires. I work with each client to provide exactly what they need using a range of techniques.

Through my work and education I have come to realise that a truly Holistic Solution cannot be provided by body work alone.  I became frustrated by being repeatedly called back to fix the same issues in my clients, often issues unintentionally caused by their training. It seemed that the goal of schooling a horse should be to make him stronger and less prone to injury and yet I kept seeing sore backs, tight polls and worn out hocks. So I started looking into several schools of classical work, searching for the one which resulted in the kind of physical and mental release I imagined to be possible.

Always address the whole body, including the mind

In 2013 I began studying French Classical Equitation with Craig Stevens and Mary Anne Campbell, the chief instructors at the National School of Academic Equitation, Seattle USA. This very old French Classical work was initially developed by horse trainers who worked their horses in confined spaces, such as a besieged castle, for extended periods of time. These trainers figured out how to help their horses to maintain a healthy body, flexible joints, calm emotions and a focused mind through gentle but precise movement practice. The result was a horse who was fit, supple, calm and in harmony with the rider as they stepped out to travel long distances or onto the battle field. The difference in the movement of horses trained this was today is visible, they move with a quiet mindfulness like watching yoga or Feldenkrais.  The modern movement science I have studied now shows how it is necessary to combine both the release and also the rewiring of the mind, and through this old style of training I have found a way to do that.

I stepped up the intensity of my studies with the NSAE, attending clinics in the UK and travelling to their training facility in Seattle for intensive training periods. This includes both practical and academic work, developing and ultimately demonstrating my proficiency in riding, training, written communication and teaching.

I am now a fully insured, certified French Classical Instructor, following this extensive period of both academic and practical training.

I teach in hand work, longe work, seat work and the riding and am available to train your horse alongside your lessons.

My coaching style empowers both horse and handler to find comfort and harmony in movement. Balance becomes a posture of choice, and fluidity is returned.

Horses are not malicious, mean or grumpy but often hurting, frustrated and communicating with us in a completely different language.