Always address the whole body including the mind

My passion for understanding and resolving the physical causes of performance limiting behaviours in horses started with Ori.  My total darling of an Icelandic Horse was wonderful in all respects but became a professional napper, I refused to believe his behaviour was malicious as it just wasn’t his nature. A few physio and vet visits later and my stubborn refusal to accept no for an answer we found he had very deep muscular spasm all along his spine and being ridden really was painful for him.

Horses always do that which is easy or more comfortable, the key is to make that which you ask of them easy and comfortable to achieve
My experience with Ori led me to train in Equine Touch with the founders Jock and Ivana Ruddock in 2008, to enable me to help him more regularly and then to also help other people s horses too.

Equine Touch is a non-invasive, holistic body work which works with the horse rather than on it. Using hands on methods to release tension in the fascia throughout the whole body. Click here to find out more about fascia- it’s so pivotal to a healthy body I’ve given it its own page.

The more bodywork I have done with people and horses, the more it has become apparent I have “hot hands”. Coming original from a scientific background this has challenged my perception of the world but I can not deny the relief and results I have had in people, horses and dogs. My Reiki training is providing a structure outlet, and I am so looking forward to being able to offer healing as part of my existing protocols.

I am also qualified in Craniosacral therapy, Equine Myofascial release and am soon to qualify in Reiki and Canine Touch.