• Vulnerability

      Vulnerability – Definition: the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally That right there is everything the subconscious mind of all mammals is trying to keep us from. Pain itself (although still defined in the dictionary as a sensation caused by physical damage), Continue reading »

  • It’s OK to take a break

    Oh gosh hasn’t this last 6 weeks in the UK been vile. My motivation has really taken a hit. If you have a way to keep going when the weather is this bad please put it in the comments below. Competition season has just begun and I’ve written out the list of events I’d love Continue reading »

  • Creativity can lead to better dressage.

    Trying new things can be scary and intimidating and off putting and a whole host of other synonyms for “not fun”.  It can also be one of the keys to better riding. And I’m not talking about trying a pole class if you’re a western pleasure rider; or learning classical in hand work if you Continue reading »

  • Resolutions

    This might seem a little late to be talking about resolutions. It is more traditional to talk about resolutions in the first week of January. But I didn’t. Firstly, because I didn’t feel like writing it then, and it would feel wholly dissatisfying to publish something just because my internally imposed agenda says “I publish Continue reading »

  • How much is Enough?

    In all things there is a sweet spot, a point of just the right amount. The right amount of chili, of salt, or of sugar. The perfect volume of G to T. The exact number of mince pies between satisfied and sick.  Somewhere there is a Goldilocks moment which is just right. And it’s not Continue reading »

  • The 20m Circle

    When is a riding circle more than just circling? The 20m circle, stalwart of the riding lesson and dressage test. The horse and rider continuously arcing round from C to X and back again, a picture of balance and harmony. Or at least that’s what we are all aiming for, but have you ever stopped Continue reading »

  • Voyaging.

    3.5 min read I have been listening to Robert Macfarlane’s book The Old Ways this week. For a grounded wanderer and aspiring long distance traveller like me, his descriptions of the ancient British thoroughfares of land and sea are better than any day dream.  One of my main joys in endurance riding is discovering new Continue reading »

  • Looking good

    As humans, our eyes are currently our primary method of assessing the world around us.  So much emphasis is placed on how things look.  I sometimes wonder if this isn’t at the expense of some of our other senses. As a bodyworker I use my sense of touch as I palpate, my hearing as a Continue reading »