• So many schools, do all roads lead to Rome?

    The world of riding has more divisions and subsets than all the religions of the world.  OK, so that’s not a proven fact but it certainly seems that way to me.  In my specialist area of classical dressage there so many different schools. That is, in part, the nature of the beast. Classical work has Continue reading »

  • The ugliest shoulder in

    Competitive dressage and traditional biomechanics have led us to a place where there is “correct movement” and “incorrect movement”. Lots of us pay good money each weekend to be judged on our skills at “correctness”. And yet did you know that the repetition of a narrow band of even the most “correct movements” is actually Continue reading »

  • Resistances – can they help us?

    I spent all last week not riding because of the rain. I found a million other things to do to convince myself I was simply too busy to ride.  Well I truly know that “too busy” is in fact internal shorthand for “not enough of a priority”. As it neared the end of the week, Continue reading »