Suz teaching the start of in hand work
Danny is a 27yr old Arab gelding, no horse is too old or too stiff to feel the benefit of classical training
Suz riding at the National School of Academic Equitation
Conversations in balance through the softest connection down the rein, imagine holding a baby bird whilst also writing in Morse code on tissue paper.
Riding should be fun.
Schooling a young horse
Schooling a young horse in her favourite orange stirrups
Working on squareness and elevation.
Any horse can be schooled in hand even if they cant be ridden any more (or never could!)
classical in hand work
Suz working her horse Berty in hand, shortly before the first time she rode her. Berty is a 14yr old ISH mare who hasn’t been ridden in over 2 years, thanks to her calm demeanor and the careful foundations of trust she ans Suz had formed, the first ride went very smoothly. An exciting prospect for high school work.
classical dressage riding training
Following of the horses’ movement does not cause the control of the horse, and yet the control emerges from the following.