This might seem a little late to be talking about resolutions. It is more traditional to talk about resolutions in the first week of January. But I didn’t. Firstly, because I didn’t feel like writing it then, and it would feel wholly dissatisfying to publish something just because my internally imposed agenda says “I publish every Thursday”. My wish is for these pages to be filled with my authentic, well pondered musings. I am not putting off publishing, micro editing into the early hours to appease an internal perfectionist. But equally, I am not willing to post crap just to fill a void.

More pressingly than that is reason two: I truly don’t feel that resolutions should be something we only discuss in the first few days of the New Year. It feels somehow sad and a little hopeless to think that our only chances to start again are within the first 2% of the year.

Instead, I now subscribe to a far more forgiving and self-nurturing philosophy of resolutions.

They can be remade afresh at any given moment.

Yes, that does deserve to be big, bold and italic. Read it again: They can be remade afresh at any given moment. Resolutions can even be re-resolved 100 or 10,000 times a day if needed. There is no limit to the strength to resolve nor to the self forgiveness for falterings.


Does that sound appealing to you? Can you give yourself the space to fail and the strength to try again? The resilience to make resolutions all the time? To allow yourself to start again at any moment.  New Year serves as a great motivator, its a bit like a deadline for giving you a shove to get started. And if that works for you them I am all for it. However, by putting off fresh starts until a given time, place or situation do we simply put off facing the discomfort of doing the thing? There is no magical moment when the discomfort won’t slap us about the face as we start something new.  That simply isn’t how changing ourselves works.

All you can do is take a deep breath and leap. Plunge into your new reality and craft your flight as you fall.  Soaring is after all just falling with grace, a hopeful heart and a knack of finding the sweet spots to rise again and again.

Happy new year and happy new day and happy new this very moment to you all.

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