I will come to your yard and each session will last 1-1.5hrs.

  • Bodywork session £45
  • Horse lover’s subscription £160
  • Save £5 per visit- 4 visits spread over 12 months to keep on top of any forming issues and ensure you and your horse can enjoy your time together and riding.
  • Competition horse subscription £240
  • Save £5 per visit- 6 visits spread over 12 months to keep your hardworking hunter or competition horse at the top of their game and potentially avoid lengthy layoffs when minor issues become major.

I have worked successfully with an enormous variety of horses from beloved miniature shetlands to internationally competing show jumpers and endurance horses.
Follow the successes of my two sponsored riders Becka Northover UKs leading ParaEndurance Rider (make a new page link to facebook page) and Maddie O’Carrol Medium level Dressage rider

I will come to your home or a location your dog feels relaxed in and each session will last 30-40mins.

  • Bodywork session £27
  • Dog lover’s subscription £100
  • 4 visits spread over 12 months
  • Working & competition dog subscription £150
  • 6 visits spread over 12 months

Generally I require to see an animal for a follow up within 1-3 weeks of an initial assessment, exact timeframes are worked out case by case, my interest is your animals health not my cashflow!

Travel is charged at 40p/mile for all journeys over 10 miles from Ropley. I will always do my best to group clients so as to share travel costs

Teeth To Tail Talk £45 per group 4-10 people
A fun, informative, hour long lecture demonstration to empower horse owners to confidently assess their horse’s body and know which professional they need to call when. Click for more information.

Emotional issue are as common a cause of physical tension as physical injury- involve the mind to release the body


Teeth to tail Talk
There is a common checklist of professionals we horse owners all go through when we hit a problem with our horses

  • teeth
  • saddle
  • back
  • feet
  • vet

This can quickly add up to a lot of expense if you call the wrong one first and can delay getting back to enjoying your horse.

My aim with the Teeth to Tail talk is to empower horse owners with the knowledge to know which profession to call first. Together we will spend roughly an hour exploring the body of one of the groups horse. Working with groups of 4-10 people there is a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of time for questions and getting your hands on to feel what I am showing.

Learn to assess jaw movement, poll pain, if and where the saddle is causing discomfort and to listen carefully to all the subtle clues the horse presents; all the time relating our findings to the horses training or behavioural complexities to create a holistic picture.

I have also teamed together with two trusted professionals to offer two exciting add ons to the demonstration. Kimberly Hayden from The Balanced Rider can guide us through our own posture and how this affects our horse’s performance. Lisa Fay from South Coast Saddlery can take us further into the complexities of saddle fit and the difference as well fitting saddle makes.