Each session at your yard and lasting about an hour.

Bespoke Bodywork Session £45

A session of bodywork drawing from my range of skills to provide your horse with just the right session.

Horse lover’s subscription  £160

4 visits spread over 12 months to keep ahead of any potential issues and ensure you and your horse can enjoy your time together and riding.  (Save £20 and guarantee priority booking ).

Competition horse subscription £240

Keep your hardworking hunter or competition horse at the top of their game and potentially avoid lengthy layoffs when minor issues become major. 6 visits spread over 12 months. (Save £30 and guarantee priority booking)

I have worked successfully with an enormous variety of horses, from beloved miniature shetlands to internationally competing show jumpers and endurance horses.

Generally, I require to see an animal for a follow up within 1-3 weeks of an initial assessment, exact time frames are worked out case by case.

Classical training

Lessons £45

A lesson will last an hour and includes elements of in hand work, lunge work, seat work and riding, depending on your interests and your horse’s stage of training. I often assess the horses for any physical discomfort and perform any necessary release work as we go too.

The All In £150

A combination of body work, theory discussion, person to person practice, in hand work, me working your horse and have a lesson yourself. Can be linked on successive days to indulge yourself in an intensive improvement period.  £150 for 3.5hrs individual bespoke training.


Start the day with a discussion of riding theory and the historical context of classical training. Follow with 3 private lessons, auditors welcome. Q&A session over lunch and then time for 3-4 lessons after lunch. Available nationwide and throughout Europe. Email me for details and prices

Teeth To Tail Talk

£45 per group 4-10 people

A fun, informative, hour long lecture demonstration to empower horse owners to confidently assess their horse’s body and know which professional they need to call when. Click for more information. Suitable for Pony Clubs, Riding clubs or yard get-togethers.

Emotional issues are as common a cause of physical tension as physical injury –

involve the mind to release the body.

Travel is charged at 45p/mile for all journeys over 10 miles from Ropley, Hampshire. I will always do my best to group clients, so as to share travel costs.

I am fully insured for both bodywork and coaching. Certified as an Instructor and Trainer by the National School of Academic Equitation. First aid training and safeguarding updated regularly.