Teeth to Tail Talk

Teeth to Tail Talk

There is a common checklist of professionals, which we horse owners all go through when we hit a problem with our horses:

  • teeth
  • saddle
  • back
  • feet
  • vet

This can quickly add up to a lot of expense, especially if you call the wrong professional first, which can also lead to  a delay in getting back to enjoying your horse.

My aim with the Teeth to Tail talk is to empower horse owners with the knowledge to know which profession to call first. Together we will spend roughly an hour exploring the body of one of the group’s horses. Working with groups of 4-10 people there is a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of time for questions and getting your hands on to feel what I am showing.

Learn to assess jaw movement, poll pain, if and where the saddle is causing discomfort and to listen carefully to all the subtle clues the horse presents; all the time relating our findings to the horse’s training or behavioural complexities, to create a holistic picture.