I have known Suz for several years- in fact she is soon going to certify as one of my Complete Confidence coaches. And this is an example of that is exceptional about working with Suz: she brings not only her profound understanding of classical work, but also her knowledge of equine bodywork AND of human beings to every lesson. It is so easy to share your concerns and questions without judgement, which makes it possible to ask all those questions you need to ask to unlock these tiny blockages in our horses and ourselves. If you want to dance and float with your horse, at any level, work with Suz


Suz is very knowledgeable body worker & good with the horses. My gelding can be difficult to work on but Suz was slow & gentle with him which gave him confidence in being worked on. After Suz worked on my gelding he was much more comfortable & his movement was much freer.


I love that Suz is always learning and doing new courses etc. It shows her passion and also that she has a wide variety of skills/ knowledge for different issues. I especially like the cranio sacral work- no-one else was able to fix Tao’s head issues.


working with Suz is a pleasure, a change, thought provoking and fun. I love the feel that I am working WITH my horse in a collaborative, reciprocal relationship. The old methods of “make him”, “do it”, “now” have never sat comfortably with me. For a start I was always certain I was the problem, not the horse and the old imperatives did not address this. Secondly because I am much more interested in building a partnership; I have never been interested in domination and ruling by force or the assumption assumption of being superior in some way. I like to work for a long term relationship, “cathedral building”, not short-term quick fixes that ultimately destroy the relationship and the body for handler and horse. What Suz offers is a way for horse & human to progress in harmony in a way that is beneficial to both horse and human with long term benefits to mind and body. This isn’t to say it’s easy! The downside of “cathedral building” is that patience is required and that sometimes it takes a while for an idea or feel to sink in (to my brain & body!). But Suz has patience, she is kind, encouraging and engaging. She also brings the valuable added benefit of a background in body work. Suz can spot when we are out of balance due to a physical issue and resolve that too. Love my lessons!


The morning after Suz worked on my 2 year old filly it was like someone had turned off the panic switch and she could listen to what I was asking for the first time.


Equine Touch is great for relaxing them before competitions. The horses seem to enjoy it and always go better after a session.


Two days after Suz's magic touch my body felt detoxed, recharged and pain free - it was amazing.