I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping relieve my back ache on Monday. Last week I was in real pain and not only was it inconveniencing me physically, but much more importantly it was getting me down emotionally. As you worked on my back I could actually feel the tension leaving. Thank you again, I feel years younger.


Having started a course to gain my qualifications in tree surgery I unfortunately had to pull out and postpone half way through due to an old elbow injury acquired in a motor-cross accident. It was suggested that I have a session with Suz where she performed VHT and from that day onwards my elbow has been as good as new. I returned to finish my course and now have a successful tree surgery business running now where every day is very challenging and physical.


The morning after Suz worked on my 2 year old filly it was like someone had turned off the panic switch and she could listen to what I was asking for the first time.


Equine Touch is great for relaxing them before competitions. The horses seem to enjoy it and always go better after a session.


Two days after Suz's magic touch my body felt detoxed, recharged and pain free - it was amazing.


Suz carried out a careful VHT session which successfully reduced my blood pressure immediately and stopped the headaches as well as making me feel more able to face the causes of stress.